Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Beauties Of Nature

The picture above is of the tree in our front yard after a recent snow storm.  It reminded me that nature and each season has so much beauty.  I find the soft, white freshness of snow especially pretty.  I know not everyone feels the same way but I've always loved winter.

J.R. Miller realized that the natural world around is important to experience...

Beauties In Nature
"They miss many a tender joy who do not have a heart in sympathy with nature.  They lose many a whisper of love that drops from God's lips who do not have ears open to hear the voices of nature.  They fail to see many lovely visions of beauty who have not learned to use their eyes in admiring the exquisite things that God has scattered everywhere in such glorious variety.  

Yet most of us walk amid these inspirations, these rare pictures, these sweet voices, and neither feel nor see nor hear them.  God meant us to get comfort and joy from the lovely things with which He has filled our earth."
~from the book, Discovering the Hidden Essence of Beautiful Living, by J.R. Miller

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  1. Good Morning! Such a lovely posting. I too, love winter time. It is a time of quiet, a time to renew and a time for home. Thank you so much for your visit to Homespun Cottage. Such beautiful pictures that you have shared. Wishing you a lovely December. Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

  2. What a pretty photo! I enjoy the snowy scenes from indoors.

  3. Sandra - so nice you took some time to stop by. I am still catching up on some of your previous blogs. It certainly looks like we both share the beauty of God's creation. Your photo of the snow covered branches is just lovely. Hope you and hubby are enjoying a wonderful start to the Christmas season. Take care and have a delightful weekend. Hugs

  4. Hi Sandra! I love looking at the snow from indoors. I love snowy paintings and sometimes a winter snowfall can take my breath away. But I don't like when hubby has to drive to work in a snow storm. Too many accidents in the wintertime. The older I get, I more I prefer spring and summer.
    It's nice to see you blogging again. Thank you for your visit and enjoy your weekend. Blessings...Sandi

  5. Those are some beautiful quotes from that author.
    Winter is my favorite season and when the snow is lightly on the trees, oh my, gorgeous!
    Your photo is just lovely.

    So nice to see a post from you~